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Course Overview

Explore the dynamic fusion of Islamic finance and cutting-edge financial technology in our course, "Islamic Fintech: Principles and Practices." Starting with foundational principles, progress through modules covering design thinking, crypto-assets, blockchain, and smart contracts. Delve into alternative finance, investment-based technologies, Takaful-Tech, and Zakat-Tech. Discover AI and machine learning in Islamic finance, concluding with a forward-looking view of the future and regulations. Gain a nuanced understanding to navigate and contribute to this evolving field.

Learning Modules

  • Introduction : Overview of Islamic Fintech Module 1-Introduction to Islamic Fintech 
  • Module 2 : Design Thinking in Islamic Fintech
  • Module 3 : Crypto-Assets, Blockchain & Smart Contract 
  • Module 4 : Alternative Finance & Crowdfunding 
  • Module 5 : Investment-Based Technology 
  • Module 6 : Takaful-Tech & Zakat-Tech 
  • Module 7 : Basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) 
  • Module 8 : The Future of Islamic Fintech & Islamic FinTech Regulations 


UNIDIGIT (UNIMY Centre for Digital Transformation) is dedicated to empowering you with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the dynamic field of technology. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to equipping you with practical expertise in the most relevant and transformative areas of the tech industry. Our specialist courses, delivered by expert trainers, are designed to help graduates, executives and frontline leaders implement technological change at their companies whilst developing a company culture that puts people first.


At UNIMY, we're dedicated to providing our students with an exceptional academic experience. UNIMY’s lecturers are comprised of a diverse group of experts from various industries. Our ethos of high-quality teaching, cutting-edge curriculum, and work-readiness skills, will be the key to unlocking your true potential. This is where you will gain fundamental knowledge and practical experience, as well as the competency to take on the challenges that come with IR 4.0. 

Entry Requirements:

  • Malaysian citizens – Job Seekers, Retrenched workers, Graduates, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales & Marketing Professionals or anyone in the field of financial technology
  • Participants are required to bring along their laptops during this course. (Please avoid bringing work laptops that may limit your access to external domains)

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