The 3Ps for Career Success

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There is a difference between looking for a career and looking for a job. A job is often a temporary fix. Often jobs provide the income meet financial commitments or just to get the bills paid. A job is slinging burgers at the local diner, having a paper route or holding a sign in front of a pizza place. It is what we do when trying to work through college, get our first apartment or an awesome outfit from the boutique window.

Careers are meant to be more permanent in the long run, whereas a job is often considered a cumbersome necessity. After acquiring the proper skills and schooling, those seeking long-term career success need to consider the 3Ps below.

Presentation – Building self-confidence

Young and old career seekers alike are challenged by the necessary task of selling themselves as a product and separating their career persona from their true self. Who you are is not necessarily who you are at work, and it is important to distinguish between the two. Most interviewers are not interested in details about your personal life, even if they ask – give a neutral response.

For instance, professionals do not look for fallible, emotional, sensitive individuals to fill career slots within their company. Instead, they seek strong, controlled and somewhat cool individuals to take charge and move the company forward. Our career persona is the superhero version of ourselves. Step into the interview as if the position is already yours.

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Persistence – Why does it matter? 

It matters because it is no longer enough just to look professional and have a nice resume. In today’s competitive career industry, we have to stand out to potential employers. Career interviews are different than the local pizza joint hiring process. In many cases, you might end up being one among a dozen prospective candidates, waiting to step through the door. The majority of which will be dressed in proper business attire, with a well thought out resume in hand.

Future employers already know that we want the job, otherwise we wouldn’t be there. However, we have to show we want the job more than the “other” applicant. Do not be afraid to reach out occasionally as a reminder of your existence. Send an email, make a phone call, or send a “thank you for the opportunity” note to draw the right attention to yourself over other career seekers.

Personality – Developing your persona for career success

Salesmen can be boring, so do not sell yourself as a salesman would. Avoid mundane phrases and overzealous small talk. If you see the interviewers’ lips move with yours… it is a bad sign. Be original. Always express the personality trait that fits your career of choice.

When choosing a career, you have to step forward with a career mentality. Putting these 3Ps  into practice will help you exude enthusiasm and professional persistence, complimented with a well-trained skill set.

Talk less, listen more. Achieve long-term career success by focusing on these 3 aspects!