Masterclass in Opinion Writing

Course Overview

The course will help develop skills in opinion writing. You will be taught to prepare opinions that are practical, reliable, succinct and well presented. You will also learn to identify and address the needs of clients and show a thorough grasp of all material facts and relevant law – to provide practical solutions to client’s problems. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and address the needs and objectives of the client, and seek to provide a practical solution to the client's problems 
  • Accurately identify, and show a thorough grasp of all the material facts, and the relevant law, procedure, parties and evidence, being able to distinguish one issue from another
  • Identify and ask for further information/evidence, when necessary
  • Give clear, sound, practical advice on the matters raised in the instructions and advise on any practical steps to be taken

About ALA Academy

ALA is a professional development arm of Brickfields Asia College and primarily focuses on bridging the gap between a formal legal education and what is required from the legal industry. We seek to provide an avenue where law students and aspiring legal practitioners can equip themselves with the necessary skill sets upon setting foot into the legal industry. ALA collaborates with industry professionals to provide focused and practical programmes ranging from more advanced and in-depth Pro-Plus courses to Bootcamps, Masterclasses, Advocacy Prep Sessions, Workshops, Webinars and Career Fairs which are directed more towards budding law students and young practitioners. Additionally, we also run the ALA Value Add Course that are conducted year-round for students.

All ALA courses will be awarded by Brickfields Asia College 

About Brickfields Asia College

BAC has been offering top quality tertiary education since 1991 and has a proven track record of producing excellent results for our various programs. Our students have consistently won top globally-recognised academic awards for the subjects of Business and Law.

Who should attend:

  • Law students interested in improving their opinion writing skills
  • Legal practitioners and support staff
  • Those interested in expanding their knowledge
  • Industry Professionals, Managers & Executives

Course Modules

  • Theory behind a Good Opinion
  • Practical Guidelines & Samples 
  • Presenting the Solutions 
  • Practical Exercises - writing a simple opinion 

Trainer's Profile

Aneera Chowdhury

(Proprietor, A.J. Chowdhury)

Prior to her joining her current firm, Aneera was a Senior Associate in the civil litigation department and employment unit of Messrs Chooi & Company. Within the practice of employment law, Aneera handles both litigious matters such as industrial relations disputes, and non-litigious matters such as employment advisory work in relation to dismissals, termination, retrenchments, foreign workers, as well as matters regarding mergers and acquisitions. As for civil litigation, Aneera handles an array of matters relating to construction, contract, and tort.

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