Leadership Lessons From Inspiring Entrepreneurs

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Becoming a successful entrepreneur is just like exploring recipes in cooking – you should try out tested and true methods practised by others before you venture into creating your own – such is the journey in discovering your own path towards success.

There are many entrepreneurs all over the world who are both successful and inspiring especially when it comes to the one thing all these entrepreneurs have in common: good leadership.

Being a good leader paves the way towards the success of not just the business, but each and every team member and employee working within the business.

Let’s look at how these inspiring entrepreneurs created their own brand of leadership:

Bill Gates

You can’t enter the entrepreneurial world without knowing or having heard this name. The founder of Microsoft tops the list for being the world’s wealthiest entrepreneur. Bill Gates’ emphasis on leadership is that it’s very important to analyse situations from each and every angle before making a firm decision. This gives you a clear insight of how Bill Gates thinks. Always consider your options before making an important decision.

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Jeff Bezos

The founder of Amazon focuses more on being a missionary rather than a mercenary. This means to become a successful entrepreneur and leader, your aim should be to focus more on customers, product or service instead of selling your company. The key here is to appreciate your customers and build a good rapport to be more successful in the long run.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook founder became more famous after the release of a film depicting the founding of the social network site. One of his main leadership traits is to be passionate about what he does. Zuckerberg is known to tackle problems head on but also stresses how important it is to love what you do. Having the skills to solve problems creatively is one of the core lessons you can take up before venturing into the industry.

Jack Ma

Jack Ma’s success and popularity skyrocketed almost instantly with his venture, Alibaba. This can be credited highly to the foresight and vision he possessed as a good leader. One of the things that we should know is that Jack Ma had his fair share of rejection before actually becoming successful.

His success shows us that perseverance and hard work are two common characteristics to become a good leader.

If you aspire to join the ranks, hone your leadership skills and maybe one day be featured in our articles, too!

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