Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence & Chat GPT

Course Overview

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT is bringing about transformative changes in diverse industries and our everyday routines.

In this two-day training program, our goal is to equip participants with a comprehensive grasp of AI and ChatGPT, encompassing essential principles, practical applications, and real-world instances. Additionally, attendees will gain hands-on experience in constructing and tailoring ChatGPT models.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and explain the basic concepts and principles of AI and ChatGPT
  • Identify the different types of applications that use AI (including machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing) and ChatGPT (chatbots, virtual assistants, and content generation)
  • Discuss the practical applications of AI and ChatGPT in various industries
  • Analyse the potential benefits of AI and ChatGPT, and evaluate the ethical and social implications of AI and ChatGPT
  • Build and customise ChatGPT models

About BAC Digital Academy

We are an industry-certified and recognised training academy. Our panel of subject matter experts have specifically structured the curriculum to focus on current trends and best practices in Data Science & Analytics, and you will have the flexibility of studying anytime, anywhere with our learning management system (LMS).

About Veritas University College

At Veritas, we are constantly re-thinking the learning process and leveraging on efficiency, technology and strategic partnerships to provide a holistic next gen educational journey for our students. As a result of our far-reaching efforts, Veritas has received the BrandLaureate Best Brand in Online Education award for 2020, 2021 and 2022 in recognition of our exceptional academic and co-curricular experience.

Who Should Join this Course?

  • School leavers
  • Fresh Graduates(Diploma/Degree)
  • Employers and employees
  • Retrenched Workers
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
  • Malaysian citizens/companies
  • Sales & Marketing /Digital Marketing Professionals, etc.

Course Modules

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Types of applications that use AI
  • Machine learning basics
  • Computer vision basics
  • Natural language processing basics
  • Case studies of AI in various industries
  • Hands-on activity – Building a simple AI application using machine learning

Introduction to ChatGPT and Hands-On Experience

  • Introduction to ChatGPT
  • Understanding the GPT architecture
  • Types of applications that use ChatGPT
  • Case studies of ChatGPT in various industries
  • Hands-on activity – Building and customising ChatGPT models for specific applications

Trainer's Profile

Dr. Mohammed Al-Obaydee

HRDF Certified Trainer: Data Science & Analytics Specialist, Artificial Intelligence Trainer, Entrepreneur

Dr. Obaydee holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is a passionate Trainer and Digital Marketer. His expertise in Big Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Immersive Technology are well-demonstrated in more than 18 years of experience in various Information Technology industries. To date, he has trained over 2000 participants in Data Science & Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence Engineering. With his experience and knowledge in the AI world, Dr. Obaydee aims to bring in the latest technology in digital marketing by using AI, Big Data, Immersive Technology, and Metaverse to leverage social media marketing.

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