Full Stack

Web & App Development

Course Overview

Web and software developers are among the most sought after on the job market today, so it’s no wonder that learning to program can pay-off big. Becoming a software developer is about learning a way of thinking, not just about expertise with a specific set of tools. The skills we teach will serve you well no matter what you may go on to do in the future: front end, back-end engineering, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compete for jobs by providing competence and confidence in computational problem solving
  • Know a language for expressing computations—Python
  • Know about the process of writing and debugging a program
  • Understand the process of moving from a problem statement to a computational formulation of a method for solving the problem
  • Understand the basic set of "recipes"—algorithms and will know how to use simulations to shed light on problems that don't easily succumb to closed form solutions
  • Know how to use computational tools to help model and understand data
  • Create an equivalent to Facebook’s Software as part of the course

About BAC Digital Academy

We are an industry-certified and recognised training academy. Our panel of subject matter experts have specifically structured the curriculum to focus on current trends and best practices in Data Science & Analytics, and you will have the flexibility of studying anytime, anywhere with our learning management system (LMS).


At UNIMY, we're dedicated to providing our students with an exceptional academic experience. UNIMY’s lecturers are comprised of a diverse group of experts from various industries. Our ethos of high-quality teaching, cutting-edge curriculum, and work-readiness skills, will be the key to unlocking your true potential. This is where you will gain fundamental knowledge and practical experience, as well as the competency to take on the challenges that come with IR 4.0. 

Entry Requirements:

  • Malaysian citizens – Job Seekers, Retrenched workers, Graduates, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, IT Professionals
  • No prior knowledge of computer science or any programming languages are required for joining this course. You will be taught the essential basic skills, tools, programming and knowledge for data science.
  • Participants are required to bring along their laptops during this course. (Please avoid bringing work laptops that may limit your access to external domains)

Who Should Join this Course?

  • Current Employees/ SMEs/ MNCs/ Start-Ups/ MSMEs & Senior Management
  • Job Seekers
  • Retrenched Workers
  • Fresh Graduates (Diploma/Degree)
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
  • Malaysian citizens/companies

Course Modules

This course is split into 3 sections, which will cover the main areas of Full Stack Web & App Development:

Front End

  • Website Structure with HTML
  • Website styling with CSS
  • Introduction to Programming Language (JavaScript)
  • Object Oriented Programming (JavaScript)
  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Website Framework (Bootstrap)
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Web Application Framework I (Vue JS)

Back End

  • Introduction to Backend and Framework
  • Building REST API with Backend Framework (Node JS)
  • Relational Database (MySQL)
  • Non-Relational Database (No SQL)
  • Authentication and Authorization in API
  • Web Application Framework II (React JS)
  • Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Service
  • Server Deployment

Mobile Applications

  • Web and Mobile application project management
  • Web and Mobile application UI / UX
  • Cross-platform mobile development with React Native
  • Cross-platform mobile development with Flutter
  • Mobile application Architecture
  • Mobile application Integration with REST API
  • Mobile backend with Firebase
  • Mobile application deployment and operation

Trainer's Profile

Wan Muzaffar Wan Hashim

HRDF Certified Trainer, Full-Stack Web Development Specialist

Wan Muzaffar has been working in the mobile app industry since 2011, and has many accomplishments under his belt. Beginning his career at the advent of smart devices, he developed an m-commerce application as an intern at Atos Worldline, Seclin, France which was later proposed to global French hypermarket chain, Carrefour.  Returning to Malaysia, Mr. Muzaffar continued to lend his Midas touch in software and mobile app development to various industries, ranging from work on the ‘Astro On-The-Go' mobile app, to the online food delivery company, ‘Room Service,’ increasing their mobile order market share from 13% to 35%, and enhancing the Firefly 2.0 mobile app.  

In relation to education and training of Web Development, Wan Muzaffar is a specialist, having worked with various higher education institutes and companies, including: iTrain Sdn Bhd, Tech One Sri Lanka, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia, Melaka, and Universiti Malaya. Mr. Muzaffar is also the creator of this course, and is the main instructor. He has also conducted public workshops for mobile app development with Ionic; front end web development with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap; PHP and MySQL web development. 

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