Entrepreneurship 101

Course Overview

In view of the current economic crisis and for long term cure and sustainability, this course aims to groom micro-entrepreneurs who will create an employment market. Participants will be steered toward the right direction, as they will be equipped with the right attitude and skill to become entrepreneurs both off-line and online, in order to rebuild the economy and create jobs in the process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Research and understand local and global businesses, the market and its potential
  • Gain a better understanding of the Business Model Canvas
  • Learn about product positioning, sales strategy and negotiotion, among others
  • An overview of start-ups, marketing, sales, risks, finance, cost, customer acquisition, customer management, employee management and gigpreneurship

About Skills Academy

Skills Academy Asia was formed in 2013 to provide world class training and development for public and private corporations, with over 50 organizations and 10,000 participants attending our programs over the years. We are passionate about solving problems sustainably, encouraging growth mindsets, and strive to keep our participants engaged and inspired.  

About Brickfields Asia College

BAC has been offering top quality tertiary education since 1991 and has a proven track record of producing excellent results for our various programs. Our students have consistently won top globally-recognised academic awards for the subjects of Business and Law.

Entry Requirements:

  • Malaysian citizens – Job Seekers, Retrenched workers, Graduates, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs or anyone interested in learning about strategic change
  • Participants are required to bring along their laptops during this course. (Please avoid bringing work laptops that may limit your access to external domains)

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Entrepreneurship 101

This course aims to groom micro-entrepreneurs who will create an employment market. You will be equipping yourself with the right attitude and skills to become an entrepreneur both off-line and online.

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