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Malaysian Patisserie

Course Overview

This course is dedicated to the art of Malaysian patisserie, which draws inspiration from a blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Peranakan culinary traditions. The focus of this course is on mastering the techniques and flavours that are signature to each of these culinary traditions, with a specific emphasis on traditional "kueh". You will be introduced to a wide range of kueh, which are unique to Malaysia's diverse cultural heritage. By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of the different types of kueh, the ingredients used, and the techniques involved in making them.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will mastery of techniques specific to Malaysian patisserie
  • You will learn about flavors unique to Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Peranakan culinary traditions
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of traditional "kueh" and their variations
  • Develop an understanding the diverse cultural influences shaping Malaysian patisserie
  • Proficiency in selecting and using ingredients unique to Malaysian desserts
  • Gain hands-on experience in creating a wide range of kueh, showcasing Malaysia's culinary heritage

About Reliance College

Reliance College, which was established in the early 1980s, is a trailblazer in the field of tourism and hospitality education, turning out highly regarded professionals on a global scale. We've come to realise over the years that this is a vibrant, quickly expanding field that needs leaders with our same level of assurance, expertise, and enthusiasm.  Offering a curriculum that combines essential management abilities with highly skilled practical training, we are committed to developing the next generation of hospitality industry leaders.

Who Should Join this Course?

  • Aspiring pastry chefs and culinary students
  • Culinary enthusiasts
  • Professional cooks
  • Home bakers
  • Those interested in cultural culinary arts
  • Food entrepreneurs
  • Travel and food bloggers

What You Will Learn

Session 1 (Saturday)

15th June 2024 - (10am-3pm)

  • Kuih Bakar Kemboja: A traditional Malaysian dessert, recognized for its unique flower-like shape and delightful taste. This baked treat combines coconut milk, eggs, flour, and sugar, often flavored with pandan leaves for an aromatic touch.
  • Kuih Kochi Hitam: A traditional Southeast Asian dessert, particularly popular in Malaysia. This delightful snack consists of glutinous rice flour dumplings, filled with a sweet mixture of black glutinous rice. The dumplings are then wrapped in banana leaves, which impart an earthy aroma and help retain moisture during steaming.
  • Lian Rong Bao: A classic Chinese steamed bun filled with smooth, sweet lotus seed paste. Often served during dim sum, this soft, white bun is prized for its delicate sweetness and comforting texture.
  • Kesari: A vibrant South Indian dessert made from semolina, flavored with saffron for its distinctive orange color and aroma. It's enriched with sugar and ghee and often garnished with nuts and raisins, enjoyed for its soft, pudding-like texture.

Session 2 (Sunday)

16th June 2024 - (10am-3pm)

  • Karipap Pusing: A Malaysian and Singaporean snack with a flaky, spiral-layered pastry shell filled with curried potatoes, chicken, or sardines. Its crispy exterior contrasts with a spicy, aromatic filling, making it a popular tea-time treat.
  • Nyonya Pulut Seri Kaya: traditional Peranakan dessert featuring steamed glutinous rice topped with a layer of pandan-flavored coconut jam (kaya). This dessert blends chewy rice with creamy, aromatic kaya, commonly enjoyed during festive occasions.
  • Nan Gua Bing: A Chinese pumpkin cake, a popular street food snack particularly in eastern China. Made from grated pumpkin mixed with glutinous rice flour and sweetened with sugar, these cakes are shaped into flat discs and then fried until crispy on the outside while remaining soft and chewy inside.
  • Mysore Pak: A traditional Indian sweet from Mysore made with ghee, gram flour, and sugar. It's known for its rich, melt-in-your-mouth texture and is commonly enjoyed during festivals. The consistency varies from dense and fudgy to light and crumbly.

Chef Profile

Nurainol Akma Abdul Malik
Chef & Lecturer (Reliance College)

Nurainol Akma is a culinary artist with a passion for baking and pastry making. She is a Chef and Lecturer, covering various pastry and baking techniques in her lessons, and is a Bronze Medalist at the 2023 Malaysia Culinary World Cup. Akma also runs a successful cookie business, demonstrating her commitment to quality and flavour, earning a dedicated following among pastry enthusiasts. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she has successfully curated and conducted workshops, sharing her love for baking and pastry making with aspiring chefs and enthusiasts alike. Through her passion and dedication, Akma continues to inspire and empower individuals to explore their own creativity in the world of culinary arts

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