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Malay Cuisine

Course Overview

This course is designed for those who want to learn about traditional Malay cuisine, focusing on a Special Raya Menu, with specialty dishes served on the festive occasion. You will be introduced to a selection of classic Malay cuisine and sweets that exemplify the diversity of Malay culinary traditions, and have the opportunity to explore the rich flavors and unique cooking techniques that make Malay cuisine so special. Additionally, you will gain insights into the cultural significance of these dishes and how they are enjoyed during Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. This course not only teaches you how to cook traditional Malay dishes, but also provides a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical context behind them. By learning about the significance of these dishes, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy them even more. You will also have the chance to discover new flavors and expand your culinary repertoire with this Special Raya Menu.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding Flavour Profiles: Discover the art of balancing sweet, sour, spicy, and savoury flavours that are typical in Malay cuisine.
  • Knowledge on Herbs and Spices: Familiarise yourself with the diverse range of herbs and spices, and understand how they affect the taste and fragrance of food.
  • Cooking Techniques: Acquire skills and understand traditional Malay cooking terms techniques like reneh, tanak, kukus, mayang, etc.
  • Cultural Adaptability and Appreciation: Gain an understanding of the cultural significance of various dishes, especially during festive celebrations such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
  • Food Presentation: Learn how to present dishes attractively, which is a crucial tradition of Malay culinary.

About Reliance College

Reliance College, which was established in the early 1980s, is a trailblazer in the field of tourism and hospitality education, turning out highly regarded professionals on a global scale. We've come to realize over the years that this is a vibrant, quickly expanding field that needs leaders with our same level of assurance, expertise, and enthusiasm.  Offering a curriculum that combines essential management abilities with highly skilled practical training, we are committed to developing the next generation of hospitality industry leaders.

Who Should Join this Course?

  • Anyone who is interested in learning about Malay cuisine and wants to enhance their cooking skills
  • Food enthusiasts, travelers, or those who simply enjoy trying new flavors and expanding their culinary knowledge

What You Will Learn

Session 1 (Saturday)

23rd March 2024 - (12pm-5pm)

  • Nasi Ketupat: A traditional Malaysian dish made from rice that is cooked inside a woven pouch made of palm leaves. It is commonly served during festive occasions and is enjoyed with various side dishes such as rendang, satay, or sambal.
  • Rendang Tok: A traditional Malaysian dish that originated from the state of Perak. It is a slow-cooked meat dish, typically made with beef, cooked in a rich and flavorful blend of spices and coconut milk. The dish is known for its tender meat and thick, aromatic gravy that is packed with layers of complex flavors.
  • Ayam Masak Ros: A traditional Malaysian dish that is known for its unique blend of flavors. It is a spicy and tangy chicken dish that is cooked in a rich tomato-based, which includes ingredients such as onions, garlic, ginger, chili paste, and various spices.
  • Brownies Cookies: A delicious and popular dessert that combines the rich, fudgy texture of brownies with the classic flavors of chocolate chip cookies. The result is a mouthwatering treat that is both chewy and gooey, making it a favorite among chocolate lovers everywhere.
  • Pandan Gula Melaka Cookies: A treat that combines the fragrant flavor of pandan leaves with the rich sweetness of Gula Melaka, which is palm sugar, resulting in a deliciously aromatic and melt-in-your-mouth cookie that is loved by many in Southeast Asia.

Session 2 (Sunday)

24th March 2024 - (12pm-5pm)

  • Pulut Kuning: A traditional Malaysian dish made from glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and turmeric, giving it a vibrant yellow color. It is often served during special occasions and celebrations, such as weddings or religious festivals.
  • Ayam Masak Beriani: A traditional Malaysian dish made with chicken and fragrant spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. It is typically cooked in a rich tomato-based gravy and served with aromatic rice.
  • Rendang Daging Minang: A traditional Malaysian dish that originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group in Negeri Sembilan. It is a slow-cooked beef dish that is rich in flavor and spices, typically cooked with coconut milk and a blend of aromatic herbs and spices such as ginger, galangal, lemongrass, turmeric, and chili.
  • Tart Nenas: A popular pastry that features a buttery and crumbly crust filled with sweet and tangy pineapple jam, often enjoyed during festive occasions. The combination of the melt-in-your-mouth texture and the burst of tropical flavors makes tart nenas a delightful treat for both locals and visitors alike.
  • Semperit: A traditional Malaysian cookie that is popular during Hari Raya. It is known for its delicate and crumbly texture, often shaped into beautiful flower-like patterns using a cookie press. The cookies are usually flavored with a hint of vanilla or pandan, giving them a delightful aroma and taste.

Chef Profile

Muhammad Nur Hidayat Bin Mohd Salim

Chef & Lecturer (Reliance College)

Chef Hidayat leads the culinary world with a passion for the culinary arts that shines through in every dish. He holds a Master's Degree in Gastronomy from UiTM, has experience with a variety of cuisines, and is presently working toward a PhD. Born and bred in a family in the food business, Chef Hidayat's culinary path started at a very young age. His early exposure to Asian, Western, Malaysian, and avant-garde cuisines fostered in him a strong appreciation for a wide range of flavors and a dedication to culinary perfection. Chef Hidayat has received accolades for his creative interpretation of classic recipes over his long career as a chef and lecturer. He gives them a contemporary spin while honoring their original origins. His signature style incorporates contemporary and regional cuisine seamlessly into the dish. In addition to working in the kitchen, Chef Hidayat teaches cooks for competitions and takes part in workshops and competitions often. Many people who aspire to work in the culinary arts are inspired by his infectious enthusiasm and extensive understanding of the field.

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