Certificate in Sports Law & Practice

Course Overview

With this programme, participants will be exposed to contract negotiation and drafting, alternative dispute resolution, business planning, and transactional skills in the area of sports law and practice. They will learn how several related areas of law combine to govern this complex industry.

This course is developed for law students, legal practitioners and officers in the field of sports administration and management. The knowledge and skills acquired by participants from this course will be useful in serving clients in other industries. The principal trainer is Richard Wee of Richard Wee Chambers, who is currently a member of the Panel of Experts of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Learning Outcomes

  • Regulations of Sports
  • Doping
  • Integrity of Sports
  • Governance in Sports
  • E-Sports Law
  • Litigation in Sports 

About ALA Academy

ALA is a professional development arm of Brickfields Asia College and primarily focuses on bridging the gap between a formal legal education and what is required from the legal industry. We seek to provide an avenue where law students and aspiring legal practitioners can equip themselves with the necessary skill sets upon setting foot into the legal industry. ALA collaborates with industry professionals to provide focused and practical programmes ranging from more advanced and in-depth Pro-Plus courses to Bootcamps, Masterclasses, Advocacy Prep Sessions, Workshops, Webinars and Career Fairs which are directed more towards budding law students and young practitioners. Additionally, we also run the ALA Value Add Course that are conducted year-round for students.

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Who should attend:

  • Legal professionals and support staff
  • Sports managers
  • Sports agents
  • Participants in sport
  • Government officials who deal with sports
  • Representatives of various sporting clubs, including anyone working in the area of sports administration
  • Those interested in expanding their knowledge in this industry
  • E-Sports players, talents, organisers and team owners/managers

Course Modules

  • Regulations of Sports 
  • Doping
  • Integrity of Sports 
  • Governance in Sports 
  • Esports law
  • Litigation in Sports 

Trainer's Profile

Richard Wee

(Managing Partner at Richard Wee Chambers Advocates & Solicitors and Member of the Panel of Experts of the Ministry of Youth and Sports)

Richard is an accomplished legal practitioner with over two decades of experience, specialising in various areas of practice, particularly, Sport & Esports law. His achievements as a forerunner in the development of Malaysian Sports & Esports law include co-founding the Sports Law Association of Malaysian (SLAM) in 2016. Richard has also been a member of the Appeals Committee of the National Disputes Resolution Chambers (NDRC), of FIFA and Football Association of Malaysia, since 2019. A firm believer in professional development, Richard constantly strives to acquire new skills and knowledge, recently obtaining the Certificate of Sports Arbitration from AIAC, a qualification which is a preparatory step towards being appointed as a Sports Arbitrator.

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