Certificate in Medical Law & Practice

Course Overview

This course aims to provide you with an overview of the main medico-legal concepts and issues in the practice of modern healthcare in Malaysia. It addresses the fundamental questions affecting health care and allied professionals today.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the current medico legal landscape in Malaysia
  • Identify risks of medicolegal cases
  • Equip yourself to deal with medico legal complaints
  • Be prepared to deal with patients and their queries

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Who should attend:

  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Other healthcare providers
  • Lawyers interested in the MedicoLegal area
  • Law students interested in the MedicoLegal area
  • Members of the public interested in this area of law

Course Modules

Introduction To Medical Law

An engaging and accessible introductory account of the main principles of Medical Law. This module will also cover the differences between criminal law and civil law, in the context of health care.

Negligent Acts & Omissions In Clinical Practice In Malaysia

Learn to identify the key elements of a claim in negligence, arising out of acts or omissions in clinical practice, and understand the courts' approach to these cases. This module will also cover the application of the law negligence in relation to different procedures in medical practice.

Doctor-Patient Communication: Obtaining Patient Consent In Malaysia

Identify key components of valid legal consent and its application in Malaysia, and the circumstances where a legal obligation arises to obtain a patient's consent. The topic of Patient Autonomy will also be explored.

Confidentiality In Clinical Practice: Legal Aspects In Malaysia

Identify and evaluate the legal basis of the duty of confidentiality in English common law and its application in Malaysia, and the circumstances in which this legal obligation of confidence is permitted to be modified. Participants will also get to examine recent case studies regarding this topic.

Introduction To The Medical Council’s Disciplinary Process & The Litigation Process

Explore the roles and disciplinary functions of the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and the process of bringing a case of medical malpractice to trial. Participants will also get to learn about the perspectives of legal advisors to the Disciplinary Committee and other experts.

Doctor-Patient Communication: Disclosure Standards In Malaysia

Identify and understand the key elements of a negligence action concerning information disclosure. Examine the different approaches taken in Malaysia to uphold the standards for disclosure, and when doctors can legally withhold information concerning risks associated with medical treatment. This module will also help participants gain a better understanding of professional guidelines issued by relevant medical bodies, e.g. the MMC.

Recent Developments In Healthcare & Medical Law In Malaysia

This module will provide an overview of the current landscape of medical law in Malaysia, and allow participants to explore recent landmark decisions from Medico-Legal cases.

Recent Developments in the Medical Act 1971 & A Cursory Glance at the Private Healthcare and Services Act 2006 (PHFSA)

Ambiga Sachithananthan

Ambiga commenced her legal practice as a litigator, with a large portion of her practice dedicated to medico-legal, and thereafter focused on corporate commercial work, which included advisory work in relation to hospitals. She is also an adjunct lecturer with Monash University Malaysia, teaching medical law.

Dr. Ganeshwara Durai Raja Lingam

Dr. Ganesh is an Interventional Radiologist with 16 years of experience in the government sector. He is a patient-centric practitioner with good clinical acumen, and a proven track record in providing care for his patients.

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