Screenwriting 101

 Putting Your Ideas on Paper

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Are you ready to embark on your screenwriting journey? In just two hours, this course aims to introduce you to the essential skills of transforming your creative ideas into well-crafted scripts. Even the most brilliant ideas may fall short if not effectively translated onto paper; this is where screenwriting plays a crucial role. While Malaysia boasts a wealth of unique and diverse ideas, the missing piece often lies in the art of screenwriting. Join us in exploring this fundamental skill, and let your exceptional ideas have the opportunity to shine on the screen.


Friday, 2nd July 2024

7pm - 9pm


BAC PJ Campus, VSQ @ PJ City Centre, Jalan Utara, 47000 Petaling Jaya


  • To gain valuable insights and techniques from an experienced professional in the field
  • To network with fellow aspiring screenwriters, creating opportunities for collaboration and feedback on your work
  • To learn the art of crafting compelling stories for film and television.
  • To gain valuable insights into character development, plot structure, dialogue writing, and the overall process of transforming ideas into a screenplay
  • To understand the behind-the-scenes magic of the entertainment industry, and equip yourself with the necessary skills to bring your stories to life on the big screen


  • Crafting Narratives: Master the art of constructing engaging and well-paced narratives that capture and hold your audience' attention from the first page to the last
  • Character Development: Explore techniques to create memorable and authentic characters, breathing life into your scripts and establishing emotional connections with your audience.
  • Dialogue Mastery Discussion: Dialogues are the most complex skills to master in screenwriting. Hone your ability to write realistic and impactful dialogue, which is essential for conveying character relationships, advancing the plot, and creating a dynamic cinematic experience
  • Structural Foundations: Understand the principles of screenplay structure, including acts, scenes, and beats, to ensure your stories unfold seamlessly and keep viewers hooked
  • Industry Insights: Gain practical knowledge about formatting standards, industry expectations, and valuable tips to navigate the competitive world of scriptwriting


Amin Affendi, Lecture (IACT College)

Amin Affendi holds a Masters in Screen Studies from the University Sains Malaysia (USM), and a Bachelor (Hons) Digital Film and Television. Amin has seven years of experience in the film and TV production industry, ranging from being a film editor to an assistant director. His notable involvements in film and TV productions include Dimana Kan Ku Cari Ganti (2011), Dampak (2013), Seteguh Kasih Ibunda (2014) and Jwanita (2016). He is currently finishing his PhD dissertation in Film Studies. 

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