Motion Graphics 101

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This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and skills involved in creating motion graphics. You will be introduced to the essential principles of motion design, animation, and visual storytelling. It will also equip you with enough knowledge to get started in creating simple motion graphics and to inspire further exploration and learning in this field. Keep in mind that the duration of the course is limited, so the focus will be on providing a broad overview and practical insights within the time constraints.


Tuesday, 6th March, 2024

Wednesday, 24th September 2024

7pm - 9pm


BAC PJ Campus, VSQ @ PJ City Centre, Jalan Utara, 47000 Petaling Jaya


  • It is a highly sought-after skill in today's digital age, with a growing demand in various industries such as advertising, film production, and web design
  • To enhance your career prospects and open up new opportunities for professional growth
  • To learn from an experienced instructor who can provide valuable insights and guidance on industry best practices, helping you develop a strong foundation in motion graphics techniques
  • To help you build a strong portfolio, showcasing your skills and creativity to potential employers or clients


  • Fundamental principles of motion graphics: Concepts like timing, spacing, and easing, and how to create visually appealing and effective motion graphics
  • Introduction to Software Tools: Popular motion graphics software tools such as Adobe After Effects or similar programs, and how to navigate the interface, create basic animations, and utilise essential features
  • Design and Typography for Motion: The importance of design principles in motion graphics, including composition, color theory, and typography. The course may cover how to integrate these elements effectively to convey messages and create engaging visuals
  • Animating Graphics and Text: The basics of animating graphics and text elements, which may include keyframing, creating transitions, and incorporating various animation techniques to bring static elements to life
  • Project Work and Practical Application: Hands-on experience to help reinforce your theoretical knowledge and building a portfolio of your work


Radhi Ihsanuddin / Elyena Aziz, Lecturers (IACT College)

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