How To Prioritise Your Work

Working from home sounds like a dream come true…until it’s not. Screen fatigue? Blurred work-life balance? Free flow of work?   Yeah, it is not all rainbows and sunshine, is it? Still, working from home does have its perks. It is just a matter of learning how to prioritise your work to overcome the cons. Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for some tips and tricks that will get you working like an absolute pro.  
  1. Lists, lists and more lists!
Not to sound like a broken record or anything but, lists! They truly are a game changer. Jot down every single thing you need to do, whether on paper or digitally. Think of this as a therapeutic brain dump. Then, divide these tasks into three categories: monthly, weekly, daily. By doing this, you are able to highlight which tasks you need to focus on first and then work your way to the bigger goals of the month. Your daily tasks can also have prioritisation. Let’s say you have 6 tasks for the day, what are the first three tasks that you absolutely must tackle and complete? If these categories don’t work for you, you can come up with your own! Remember, lists can be customised to fit your needs.  
  1. Productive hours
When are you most energised and productive? Do you work best at the crack of dawn, later in the day or late at night? It is important to know the time frame of when you work best, as this can really boost your productivity and work quality. Once you have established this productivity curve, a handy tip is to complete your more important daily tasks during this time. This not only ensures that you get the work done, but it also sets you up for a more organised and manageable day.  
  1. Be realistic
Productivity is great. We all want to do our most and get that employee of the month bonus! However, burnout is very real and can negatively impact one’s mental and physical health. Be realistic about the tasks and goals that you set, do not bite more than you can chew. Learning your individual limit and knowing when to cut tasks, can prevent burnout and stress. Make sure to schedule periodic breaks too!  
  1. Flexibility and change
Life happens. You may get interrupted, your boss may call for an eleventh-hour meeting, you may get an unexpected phone call, some tasks just take longer. It is important to have some flexibility in your schedule and make room for last minute changes. Normally, situations like these would be very stressful and an added burden, but not when you expect the unexpected! Making space for interruptions can maintain productivity and progress.  
  1. One thing at a time, soldier!
It can be tempting to try and multitask. It does sound like the logical thing to do, doesn’t it? However, multitasking means splitting your focus over two or more tasks, eventually tiring you out and slowing you down. Focus on one thing at a time, prevent distractions and stay on track. If you really pull all your focus on just one task, it is likely that you will complete it faster than when you multitask. This also prevents you from not completing any of the tasks by the end of the day. You may have worked hard but what do you have to show for it?   Try out these five tips and tricks to help you prioritise your work!
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