Celebrating Your Wins

People often neglect celebrating their wins and accomplishments.   It’s just a new car. It’s just a promotion. It’s just another project that I seamlessly crushed.   Without thinking too much about the effort, time, and hard work that they have put into accomplishing these things, they just move on to the next task, the next goal, the next step in life. They do not stop to breathe and relish.   Imagine working tirelessly for six months, to launch this amazing project that you came up with. You get the project up and running – and instead of stopping to see how far you have come in those six months and celebrating that win, you dive right into minor issues or concerns that may have come-up since launching the project. Not only are you burning yourself out by constantly working on the next thing, but you will also eventually lose your momentum and drive and feel dejected. This is because, without stopping to appreciate your own hard work and growth, it will start to seem like a never-ending climb that only presents challenges and hurdles, when in reality, you are six months closer to where you want to be.   C’mon now, don’t be a party pooper of your own moments! Here are a few reasons why you should celebrate your wins and accomplishments:  
  1. Motivation
Let’s say you did stop to celebrate the launch of your project. You are acknowledging your positive results, and you are aware that your progress is taking you so much closer to your end goal. That acknowledgement and awareness will push you further and give you the confidence and motivation that you need, to keep going. In order to leverage your progress to fuel your commitment to a goal, you need to highlight and celebrate that progress. Think of it this way: Action  Result  Feel Good  More Action  More Results.  
  1. Mindset
Having goals and plans can be stressful, draining, and overwhelming. It is completely normal to look at the bigger picture and focus only on the end goal. However, by doing that, the goal will seem more difficult to accomplish and one’s mindset will slowly start to shift to the negative side, it can be very demotivating. This is when people start to give up on their dreams. The goal attacks them from every corner, oozing overwhelming thoughts and feelings and making it nearly impossible to focus on any progress that has been made, because the end goal has yet to be achieved. If an individual were to set an end goal and then break that goal down to smaller, more achievable milestones, progress can be continuously monitored. Celebrating these smaller goals then make it easier for the individual to maintain a positive mindset throughout the journey of accomplishing this goal, because progress is being tracked and the end goal becomes undeniably easier to achieve.  
  1. Viewpoint
Stereotypical life milestones can be restricting and pressurising. All these set societal expectations, often give rise to comparison and competition – making it difficult for you to see your little achievements, while clouding your viewpoint of life. However, if you actively choose to celebrate your smallest of wins, you will not feel stuck or discontent with your path in life, because it will feel like you are growing and succeeding. Through these celebrations, you are more likely to realise that you do have a lot to be proud of, and that life is not as dismal and desolating as it can sometimes seem.   Celebrating small wins may seem like an unconventional way to add a little light and joy in your life, but it works and its fun! It will certainly boost your momentum, confidence, happiness, and success. With the global pandemic still at large and robbing every one of their individual happy pills, celebrating small wins is the way to go. Give it a try, its free.   “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey
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